Is This The World’s Most ‘Unfair’
Way to Meet Women?

Why struggle with bars or clubs… or get rejected in grocery stores… when this simple way to meet women is rejection free?

Imagine if there was a bar where the ratio of single women to women with boyfriends was 99 to 1. And - in this bar - the single women weren’t talking to their friends… they weren’t dancing to the music… they were simply waiting for you to come talk to them.

When women came to this bar, they had to fill out forms with all their likes… dislikes… so you always had something in common to talk about. (Or funny thing to say.)

And… if you knew how to dress… you wouldn’t even need to approach a single woman. Instead, women would approach you.

Sounds like a fantasy, right? Well, believe it or not, such a “bar” exists. And there’s one right in your hometown!

Even if you hate bars and clubs… you’ll love to meet women here. Because you can do so from the comfort of wherever you’re sitting to read this letter.

After all, this “bar” is simply what happens when you meet women using online dating websites. That’s right - the most ‘unfair’ way to meet a woman is to meet her through online dating.

Jessica, That’s Bullshit!

… I hear that. A LOT!

And it’s usually said by men who have written profile after profile… sent message after message… and put in too much work for barely any attention, in return.

I know the feeling:

When I was working as a therapist in 2009, I wanted to meet great men. But I had no free time. So I set up my first online dating profile.

Since I was a girl, I obviously got lots of messages. But most of them were from guys who simply didn’t “fit the bill.” They weren’t the right type for me… they were canned responses… or… when I messaged them back… they deleted my message and never replied to me!

I was frustrated.

So I tried new pictures… I wrote new profiles… and I kept on tweaking… until I created…

“The Most Viewed Online Dating Profile In The HISTORY Of Los Angeles!

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I hit something powerful: I uncovered the secret to destroying your competition on online dating. To making someone you find attractive not only reply to your message… but practically crawl to you, messaging you first.

I taught this secret to men around the world and their stories are nothing short of amazing:

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In fact… if you have pretty good download speeds… you can have your profile online in less than ten and a half minutes. Maybe even less.

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I show you how to write your “About Me” section… I show you exactly what to write about your ideal woman (hint: some things may be true - but women just don’t want to hear them…)

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All this and much, much more is included in 65 information packed pages.

Which is why...

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